Inside the group SCRMOLCER it’s born a graphic study the “MOLGRAPHSTUDIO” able to develop ideas, graphic projects and aesthetics solutions to ensure not only a technical product but also of trend and of image. In the design department SCRMOLCER there’s a team engaged to providing timely and innovative solutions to customer needs.    


Molgraph is a creative department that has a specialized team and committed to presenting the best and most innovative solutions for its customers. Research ideas spontaneously, or at the customer's request, to get the best combination of results between textured surfaces and excellent visual images quality. Our focus is customer satisfaction and graphic and creative development with exclusive solutions.


We use 3d scanners to scan surfaces of di?erent sizes and types of material. We provide our customers/partners with the possibility of whenever necessary, read specific surfaces for new graphic projects and structure.


The completion of our creative process, when successful, ends with the High precision engraving of aluminum dies using CNC technolog. These work cimi MASTER's for floor and cladding ceramics.